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Car shipping

Vehicles can be shipped through Meest in containers or on deck (Ro-Ro). For pricing on shipping vehicles, please contact the head office of Meest in Toronto and provide the following information:

  • model, year and value of the vehicle;
  • engine size;
  • point of origin and destination.

Vehicles shipped outside of Canada or the U.S. must be 100% owned by the shipper and cannot currently be under lease or loan.

When shipping a vehicle the client must submit original copies of the following documents:

  • Ownership Title;
  • Bill of Sale or Declaration of Value;
  • Passport or picture ID.

If the sender and the recipient are different persons, then a deed of grant/gift certified by the Ukrainian consulate or a notary public will be required.

Vehicle may be insured for shipping at the rate of 2% of its value.

Prior to shipping vehicle’s gas tank must be emptied completely.

For customs clearance in Ukraine, recipient must present the following documents:

  • Ownership Тitle;
  • Bill of Sale or Declaration of Value;
  • Notarized Deed of Grant /Gift

Customs clearance and vehicle registration in Ukraine are the sole responsibility of the recipient, however, Meest’s shipping department can provide assistance with these issues.

With any questions regarding shipping vehicles to Ukraine please contact the head office of Meest Corporation Inc.