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Packages from Chicago

Packages Delivery Rates - 5 kg and more

Important: prices are shown for parcels sent only from Chicago. Find rates for other cities and states at toll-free number 1-800-361-7345 or contact your local Meest Representative.

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To calculate the cost of your parcel, you should multiply its weight in kilograms by the prices indicated in the table above and add the delivery price. For air shipping find some additional details here.

Country SEA AIR Delivery Cost
Ukraine $0.99/lbs $2.79/lbs $10-15
Russia, to post office $1.99/lbs $2.89/lbs $20 (to the nearest post office)
Russia, courier delivery $2.29/lbs $3.69/lbs $25 (home delivery)
Belarus $1.49/lbs $2.89/lbs $20
Moldova $1.49/lbs $2.89/lbs $20
Lithuania $1.95/lbs $2.89/lbs $20
Latvia $1.95/lbs $2.89/lbs $20
Estonia $1.95/lbs $2.89/lbs $20
Georgia $2.99/lbs $3.99/lbs $25
Kazakhstan $2.99/lbs $3.99/lbs $25 (to the nearest post office)
Uzbekistan $2.99/lbs $3.99/lbs $25
Kyrgyzstan $2.99/lbs $3.99/lbs $25
Azerbaijan $2.99/lbs $3.99/lbs $25
Armenia $2.99/lbs $3.99/lbs $25