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Parcel Weight & Volume

Please review the requirements for weight package.

These parameters are used for sea and for air shipping.

Please note that the weight of parcel may be less than 5 kg, but the cost of shipping is as for 5 kg.

The cost of your package can be affected by the amount of space that it occupies on an aircraft, rather than the actual weight. Therefore, the volumetric (or dimensional) weight must be calculated. Please use this formula to determine the volumetric weight of your parcel: length X width X height (in cm)/5000 = Kilograms. This formula only applies to AIR shipments. 

The maximum size of parcel: either side can not exceed 1.05 m (41 "), and the amount of length andperimeter of the largest cross-section can not exaggerate 2 meters (78").



The minimum and maximum weight of one parcel for various countries:

Country Min Weight Max Weight  
Ukraine 5 kg* 30 kg  
Russia, to post office 5 kg** 20 kg  
Russia, courier delivery 5 kg 30 kg  
Belarus 5 kg 10 kg  
Moldova 5 kg 30 kg  
Lithuania 5 kg 30 kg  
Latvia 5 kg 30 kg  
Estonia 5 kg 30 kg  
Georgia 5 kg 30 kg  
Kazakhstan 5 kg 30 kg  
Uzbekistan 5 kg 30 kg  
Kyrgyzstan 5 kg 30 kg  
Azerbaijan 5 kg 30 kg  
Armenia 5 kg 30 kg  

Small packages to Ukraine

** Small packages to Russia