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Items prohibited from shipping to the USA and Canada

The following items are prohibited from shipping:

firearms and ammunition, sharp weapons, and other items specially designed for attack and defense (brass knuckles, stilettos, cans with liquid nerve agent, etc.), explosives, flammable and other dangerous substances, military equipment;

-  gas lighters and aerosol products;

-  narcotics, psychotropic substances and their analogs;

-  items of indecent or immoral content;

- permits for the right to bear arms, employment records, military IDs, passports and other identification documents;

- products whose export violates intellectual property rights;

- items considered the national, historic or cultural heritage of the Ukrainian people as stipulated under Ukrainian law;

- items made from or containing gold, silver or other precious metals;

seeds and planting materials; food products of animal origin without thermal treatment;

- any untreated wood products;

food items: only candy and chocolates can be sent to Canada, and absolutely no food items to USA; 


- any medications, dietary supplements and sports nutrition products are prohibited from shipping;

cigarettes and alcohol – prohibited to send to the USA and Canada

telephones (return to shipper) – up to 3 units per recipient in one shipment.