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28 feb 2018, 08:03

Born in Vyshyvanka Program 

Ukrainians say that person was born in a shirt if troubles and misfortune bypass him or her. And if newborn Ukrainians see the life beyond the seas from the Motherland, then their shirt should be embroidered.
The idea of ​our Program belongs to International Vyshyvanka Day NPO, which they launched in 2014. Ukrainian Canadians have always been known in the world through the preservation of their traditions, therefore, since 2017, Toronto Vyshyvanka Day NPO and Meest Corporation Inc. are launching a year-round program - Born in Vyshyvanka. After all, we must maintain and continue the culture of our nation, especially those warm and pleasant moments of our lives, when the newly born baby becomes a part of the great Ukrainian community.

Program Description

To whom we present a Vyshyvanka 

We present a Vyshyvanka to newborn babies in Canada, whose parents identified themselves as Ukrainians: mother, father, or both.  

Who can apply
Registration can be made by parents, relatives or family friends.

When can I register?

Born in Vyshyvanka Program works all year round! You can register at one month before or during 3 (three) months after the birth of the baby. After receiving the application, we will contact the parents as soon as possible and will send a Vyshyvanka to any part of Canada 12 months a year.

Embroidered Shirt for baby in Canada - Born in Vyshyvanka