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Meest Corporation Inc. sends parcels by Sea and Air to any destination in Ukraine (except Crimea) and delivers them directly into the hands of the recipient. 

 We would like to remind you that а new amendment to the Tax Code of Ukraine will come into force on July 1, 2019. The new law modifies taxation terms of international parcels.

For individuals - the cost of goods in each parcel should not exceed the equivalent of 100 Euros. 


 Based on the new law, current limit of 150 Euros will be reduced to 100 Euros. These changes will automatically apply to all parcels that enter the customs territory of Ukraine on or after July 1, 2019

  • The minimum weight of a parcel for delivery to Ukraine by Sea or by Air is kg (11 lbs) with a maximum weight of 30 kg (66 lbs). Find more details here.
  • Articles for personal use and non-commercial goods valued at less than EUR 100 (approximately $110 US or $145 Canadian) from one shipper to one recipient in one dispatch (in the same shipment) may be shipped Duty-Free. If the value of the contents of a package exceeds this limit, such package will automatically be assessed with Customs duties.
  • Delivery Cost - click here for a description.
  • Parcel Packaging recommendations can be found here.
  • To learn more about a CN 23 customs declaration please click here. 
  • Parcel Insurance - find a description here. 
  • A list of items prohibited from shipping to Ukraine is hereUpdate: Meest does not deliver gyroscooters of any brands to Ukraine.


Region of sender SEA delivery rates AIR delivery rates Cost of delivery (per parcel)
Toronto and GTA $3.45/kg $6.95/kg $10-15

Other cities of OntarioДругие; 
Quebec and Manitoba 

$3.95/kg $7.45/kg

Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia 

$4.45/kg $7.45/kg
Chicago and area $0.99/lb $2.79/lb

Other cities and states of the USA; other provincies of Canada 

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