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  • Meest Corporation Inc. ships parcels to the Baltic States by Sea or by Air and delivers them directly to the recipient in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

  • Delivery times for the Baltic States:

Air shipments – 3-4 weeks

Sea shipments – 7-10 weeks

  • Delivery time is calculated from the date the parcel is dispatched from one of Meest’s warehouses. Online parcel tracking also commences from this date.   

  • Minimum weight of a parcel sent to Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia is 5 kg (11 lbs) with a maximum weight of 30 kg (66 lbs).

  • Parcels are accepted for delivery only to addresses of individuals with a total weight of up to 30 kg (66 lbs) from one sender to one recipient in one shipment.  

  • The cost of your package can be affected by the amount of space that it occupies on an aircraft, rather than the actual weight. Therefore, the volumetric (or dimensional) weight must be calculated. Please, use this formula to determine the volumetric weight of your parcel: length X width X height (in cm)/5000 = Kilograms. This formula only applies to AIR shipments.

  • Articles for personal use and non-commercial goods with a total value of less than EUR45 (approximately $50 US) mailed internationally from one shipper to a single recipient in the same dispatch (in the same shipment) may be shipped duty-free. If the value of the contents is greater, the parcel will automatically be assessed by customs duties. Therefore, we recommend sending no more than 2 parcels per recipient at any one time and to address parcels to various recipients (even if the recipients live in the same apartment this is considered as different addressees).  

  • Parcels must be securely packaged, preferably in a cardboard box, with name and address of both the sender and the recipient - must be written on 2 (two) sides of a parcel. Meest Corporation does not cover damages to the contents of the parcels, please notify our agents if you have any fragile items in the parcels and they will assist you in packaging them securely.

  • A separate CN 23 customs declaration must be completed for each parcel and must be signed by the sender. Use this form to enter description of goods, their quantity, and total value of the contents of the parcel. When filling out the declaration you may not use general wording such as “clothing”, “used items”, “humanitarian aid”, “souvenirs”, “hardware”, “food products”, etc. Please write the full actual contents of the parcel, including specific items. You must place a number in the “Quantity” column next to the name of each item in the declaration, for example: jackets - 2, pants - 3, etc.

  • It is essential to fill out the CN 23 customs declaration correctly. Properly completed customs declaration facilitates clearance through customs. If items in the package are not listed in this customs declaration, parcels will be taken for additional inspection and assessed with customs duties.   

  • Each parcel is automatically insured for $60 US. If you, as the sender, waive any additional insurance, you will need to put your signature in the column “For sender: sign here to waive additional insurance and accept $60 US limited liability”. The maximum amount of additional insurance for parcels mailed to Latvia, Lithuania or Estonia is $800 US. If opting for additional insurance, you will need to indicate the additional insurance amount in the Insurance column. Insurance is available for larger amounts depending on the parcel contents; customers will need to coordinate larger amounts of insurance with Meest Corporation – Head Office

  • Please note: parcels insured for over $500 US may be opened by Meest employees or agents in the field, with the sender present, to determine whether the contents of the parcel correspond to the insured amount.  



Customs offices have the authority to inspect and seize the following goods:


1) Firearms and ammunition, sharp weapons and other items specifically designed for attack and defense (brass knuckles, stilettos, cans with liquid nerve agent, etc.);

2) Explosive, flammable and other dangerous substances, military equipment, unless otherwise provided by legislation; narcotics, psychotropic substances, their analogues and precursors, scheduled by the Ministry of Health’s Committee as controlled substances under current law, or radioactive substances;

3) Alcoholic beverages, drugs, and tobacco products;

4) Items of obscene or immoral content;

5) Firearms permits, employment records, military IDs, passports, and other identification documents;

6) Goods which export violates intellectual property laws;  

7) Items classified as national, historic, or cultural heritage according to the local laws;  

8) Seeds and planting materials; food products of animal origin including canned products, live animals, except bees, leeches, silkworm caterpillars;

9) Perishable food products (fresh fruits and vegetables);

10) Jewelry, bank notes, and precious metals;

11) Motorcycle frames, engines, chassis, etc., which are described as vehicle parts (disassembled vehicles);

12) Sport nutrition and nutritional supplements.